Keeping my 5 dogs occupied on my very long journey

Hi all,

As some of you might know i live in spain at the moment but my wife and i have decided to move back to england.

We have arranged that i will drive back with the dogs (my wife cant drive) through spain and france whilst she flies back.

We have also agreed that it will be easier if i drive through the night as it will make getting past madrid and paris easier (i hope) but not simple.

We have 5 dogs as i mentioned, 3 mini yorkies (which wont be the problem) and 2 big dogs, 1 being a husky cross german shepard and the other being the equilivant size of a spanish border collie although hes dopey and slow as they come the very opposite of a border collie

We will book with the fast hotels in biarritz as they take dogs so finding somewhere to stay wont be a problem and they are all house trained. The problem i have is keeping them occupied when eiither im driving at night or im trying to sleep during the day…
My wife has suggested possibly doggy sleeping pills to knock them out but im unsure as to whether this will work.

I hope ive made myself clear with this problem but Any help would be most appreciated

Regards Mark

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