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K9 Magazine’s Christmas Dog Safety Warning

UK Dog News
K9 Magazine, the digital dog magazine, has cautioned dog owners to be on their guard during the festive season.

Christmas time presents a series of risks to dog health, according to K9 Magazine.

While home may be the ideal destination this time of year, many pet owners find that there is no place like the vet's office for the holidays. Unfortunately, the most wonderful time of the year is also one of the most dangerous for pets.

K9 Magazine has advised dog owners to be more vigilant and expands on this advice with a short guide entitled 5 Tips To Save Your Dog's Life which includes guidance on issues such as:

- Know the normal temperature for a dog
- Spot symptoms of illness in dogs
- Teach dogs to come back every time

Ryan O'Meara, K9 Magazine editor and publisher:

"Christmas brings with a lot of fun, food and excitement. Unfortunately this break in routine can lead to accidents involving dogs. It's always wise to try and keep your dog's normal routine as close as possible even throughout the seasonal festivities. Too much rich food or access to objects left lying around can be the cause of many vet trips each year."

Every year PDSA vets and nurses treat hundreds of pets that have swallowed 'foreign bodies' such as toys, string and stones. Around Christmas, there are always pets brought into PDSA PetAid hospitals needing emergency treatment after swallowing decorations or getting hurt by falling Christmas trees - such as Charlie the Yorkshire Terrier who swallowed a star shaped decoration last December.

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