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K9 Magazine carries an interview with Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan in its latest (no 28) issue.

Cesar Millan - K9 MagazineInside this edition of K9 Magazine you will also find…

  • The ethical guide to puppy buying
  • Choosing the right diet for a healthy dog
  • K9 Politics: Pedigree v Crossbreed
  • Real Life: My dog helped me make a new life
  • K9 Health: Stem cell therapy
  • Skin complaints and how to treat them
  • A guide to lungworm prevention
  • The 7 habits of highly effective dog owners
  • Top 10 breeds for active owners
  • Stray dogs - the truth
  • Hey, dog owner - what do people think of YOU?
  • plus offers, promotions and pet product freebies & MORE!

You will also learn what Cesar Millan thinks of the RIDICULOUS law that is the UK’s Dangerous Dogs Act, which would see his own, beautiful dog ‘Daddy outlawed.

K9 Magazine, supporting all breeds, all the time. Even the ones that are (ridiculously) banned by the crazy breed specific legislation currently in place in the UK.

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K9 Magazine has long been critical of the UK's Dangerous Dogs Act - specifically breed specific legislation. And K9 Magazine's editor has spoken out about the UK not repealing this piece of the law. Cesar Millan's opinion on breed specific legisltation is outlined in this issue of K9 Magazine.

K9 Magazine also has a new website - as K9Magazine dot com is retired in favour of DogMagazine dot net as the new home for K9 Magazine content and K9 Magazine subscriptions - if you would like to read the latest K9 Magazine articles or subscribe to K9 Magazine (or purchase a single issue of K9 Magazine) - visit DogMagazine dot net (not K9 Magazine dot com).

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