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K9 Magazine’s Quiz of the Year 2008 – What Can YOU Remember?

It’s just for fun. No expensive premium rate phone numbers and no prizes other than the self satisfaction of knowing that you’ve been paying attention. To make it even easier, the answer to every question is actually contained somewhere on this very website - but if you have to search, you’re taking this just a little bit too seriously!

The Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Great Britain came in for criticism this year for what?

Recommending that breeders be allowed to register ridgeless puppies with the Kennel Club
Advising breeders to create more ridgeless puppies to assist the breed’s genetic diversity
Recommending that puppies without a ridge be put to sleep at birth

A US Marine caused outrage around the world this year when he?

Filmed himself throwing a puppy through the air
Was caught on CCTV shooting a friendly dog
Smuggled a rabies infected dog in to America

Premier League footballer Liam Lawrence was in the dog-house with his [...]

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