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Has anyone else bought a sick puppy from Copwell Kennels? I would be interested to hear from you if you have.

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  1. Hi

    Yes i have bought i very sick & unhealthy puppy from copwell kennels, please do not but from there, what they sell is below standard.

    Through them they have cost me a small fortune on vet bills, due to there ill breeding.

    Please check other forums such as and my to see what other people have also commented on them.

  2. Hello

    I too have purchased a very poorly puppy a while ago from copwell kennels.
    Due to that fact my westie has a number of skin problems, constant ear and throat infections, the list sad to say goes on.

    I would not advise anyone to purchase a puppy from these kennels, as I for one have learned my lesson.
    Please come forward anyone else who is in the same situation.

  3. I too have purchased a very poorly pup from copwell kennels. He was very under weight, constant sickness and I lost count of the times we were at the vets. My pup is now coming up to 2 years and thankfully we have back to full health. The bad bit is we found that he has very very bad hips.

    I love my dog with all my heart but I wouldn't recommend anyone buy a pup from there. I have heard awful stories from other people who have and it seems im not the only now.

  4. yeah we purchased our labrador pup max(16 weeks old now) he was born on the 8th december and have just noticed a problem with his back right leg we have taken him to the vets this morning (8. 4. 09) and his x ray shows that his hips are very very bad ,we would recomend no one ever goes to buy a puppy from here in the future,please e mail if you could offer any information that would help our pup with his hip problems or make things easier for him thanks …mick

  5. hi if any one knows of any thing we can do to help our pup with his hip problems we would be verry greatfull thanks mick

  6. My partner and i bought a Black Lab in October 2008 and he has been fine,he is very obediant very clever,medically we have had no problems with him up to now.When we took him to our vets to get his second jabs the vet examined him and in the vets opinion he was in good health although slightly underweight.That soon changed !.
    When my partner received the bank statement it showed up as a beauty parlour in Durham.The vets assistant was taken aback though when we said we had got Flynn from Copwell.The vets were well aware of Copwell's reputation as is the RSPCA and Radio Newcastle.As of April Flynn is doing great.

  7. I bought an excellent West Highland White terrier from Copwell kennels, it was vet checked, I have bona fide kennel club registration. He is now 19 months old and runs 4 miles or more each day. He has none of the associated health probs of breed. A beautiful dog.

  8. hi, well i have also bought a pom puppy from copwell kennels, god i have been to hell and back with her, she has fits, liver shunt, aloepcia, low immune system, and has just had an op to replace her knee caps, as they havent formed – so come on people we need to what we can to stop this place from selling puppies, also i have no papers, found out from people that they ship them over from ireland, and the worse is that these people have been exposed by the BBC inside out before, My family have had so much heartache due to these people and their sick animals, but he is still advertising every week

  9. hi nick & sandy,

    Hope everything is well with your flynn, i totally understand to what you are going through, i too have made a comment below (thumbs_down!) about copwell kennels, my dog bless her needs more medical attention and another op, she has been on so many medication from diazipam for her fits to steriods for her aloepcia, she is a true little trooper for dealing with so much. I just wanted to know would you please contact me if you do not mind, as there is also a few more issues i would like to go over with you about paper work, i have not got anything, even though my puppy was advertised as kc reg, pedigree, fully inoc, ect, but they lied about everything, also you mention about the vets were aware of their repution, and also RSPCA and radio newcastle, please i would love if you could take the time to discuss these with me, as these people need to be stopped, myself and my friend also have a facebook page dedicated to naming and shaming these puppy farmers, we are amazed at the response we have gotten, please contact me – thank you for your time and help xxx take care xxx

  10. hi just been reading your statement i too got a golden lab in august 2008 and still no paper work was advertised as kc reg have emailed them but no reply carolyn x

  11. do u mind me asking did u get kc papers i bought alfie golden lab there in august ans still have no papers i hae got in touch with trading standards now carolyn

  12. do u mind me asking did u get kc papers i bought alfie golden lab there in august ans still have no papers i hae got in touch with trading standards now carolyn

  13. hi wat is the face book page called ?would be interested to have a look cheers mick

  14. hi did u get any paperwork when u got your puppy alfie too has a bad hip carolyn

  15. Hi the facebook page is called prisoners for profit – it has over 3000+ memebers nows all of which have purchased from places like this – also did you know that darran green has been exposed by the bbc a few year back! google it! thank you xxx

  16. Hi all, well just a foolow up on my puppy i bought from copwell kennels – she has just recently had an op on her right knee and is awaiting more surgery on her left knee, i cant take her for walks as her legs buckle – the vet has told me that she is a subject of
    VERY BAD BREEDING!!!, it breaks my heart to think that i paid for what they promised me in the ad, i still have no pedigree nor papers, it will be a year on the 16th of july i bought her – also they are still selling puppies every week in free ad papers – i very much doubt these will also come with everything their ad promises.

  17. A Dog's Life has written to Durham Council under the FOIA for a list of all complaints made against Copwell Kennels, three times they have refused to provide me with the information requested. If you have not been provided with the relevant paperwork or bought a sick pup then let me know.

    If you would please email me on I should be grateful

  18. hi.i bought a puppy weimaraner from this "puppy farm" 2 years ago.
    luckily she is fit and healthy.but i'm one of the lucky ones.the man behind the operation is darran green.he has a terrible history of selling sick dogs to people.
    here's a link to this mans appalling history with animals,,

  19. Hi gary thank you so much sharing this information, i can so agree with you about it being a "puppy farm" because thats all it is, but the more people come forward and report this man hopefully the trading standards, media ect will put a stop to this man, infact he is not a man but an animal abuser, i have seen the bbc programme and i was appualled, disgusted, that i put money into his pocket,

  20. i to have just purchased a labrador which is now 11 weeks old i to have not yet had any papers for the dog i paid three hundered pound 4 it i have been to trading standards which are looking into it i feel like going through and telling them exactly what i think and thats a polite way of putting it

  21. i have bought a dog from there i have made a complaint to trading standards they are currently writing to them to ask for a refund

  22. i too have have purchased a labrador who is over one and still have no papers have done the same trading standards are dealing with it now but not heard anything yet how about u ?

  23. yes i paid 300 pound for her and was told after i bought her i should have signed a contract saying i wouldnt get the papers til the pup was six month old which is a load of crap i suggest you contact them and see wot they say also contact trading standards i have also contacted the ad trader and kennel club who are very aware of copwell kennels they are still advertising at least 4 different types of puppys every week which claim to be k.c the kennel club said they only provide papers for the first few litters they are breeding there dogs so much they can not longer apply for k.c the trading standards are writing to them asking for papers or part refund if they dont cooperate i am taking them to court they are not getting away with this i am also going to do everything i can to expose them to stop it happening again nicola

  24. Thank you thank you thank you – for all the people coming forward – this is great – and to think i got a very abusive fone call from the ever polite mr green – saying that he was going to do me for slander – well mr greenwhat are you going to do now?????? come on all these people who handed over their honest money to you for what you advertised in your ad, darran green you are nothing but a liar – and abuse animals to line your pockets – you cant even get out of thiat one either, because we know all about how you were exposed by the bbc, how can you do this to animals and to people – yes we`ll see our day with you! To all these people who have came forward – i got told exactly the same as you and got nothing what was in the ad – and my pom bless her – i have paid over £3000 in vet bills, due to your ill breeding and abuse – but then again you dont care you have your money! but i am a strong believer in karma – and yes its a bitch! please people contact ed hanson at bbc inside out – im sure they would be ever so delighted that this man hasnt changed! also please google copwell kennels and see all of the other bad reviews of this place

  25. that is the same as they told me trading standards are trying to sort it out papers or refund . is your labrador healthy as lot dont seem to be i ve had a few visits to the vet with mine but touch wood he ok now .


  27. I have recently bought a weimaraner from this place and like all the comments above was given a contract which states my pup will get his KC papers which i thought was a bit suspicious.Conned obviously I was thinking about waiting patiently and contacting them in a couple of weeks before getting trading standards involved however reading above would everyone recommend i just do it now and could someone point me in the right direction of doing so.My weimaraner is healthy although he is only 10 weeks.but still this cannot go on.

  28. hi max i can help you – first contact standards, then contact ed hanson –, also write to your M.P, and also we have a facebook page called prisoners for profit – stop puppy farming – please feel free to contact us via there if you need more info – i totally understand what you are going through, and please google copwell kennels – honestly you`ll be amazed that we`re not the only ones who have been conned by these people – please contact the kennel club and where you seen the ad if it was in a free ad paper, if you can try to get a hold of the ad if possible – this will help as it is evidence, as it stated that your pup was kc reg, oh and prob pedigree, i bet you havent got that – neither have i hun, but please keep in touch and contact those people i have advised you on, and to think darran green was going to do me for slander – well are all of us honest people in the wrong????!!!!

  29. Hi my name is rachel,i have just been reading all the comments on this site and it has really upset me.

    I have just got a black lab from copwell kennels, and he is in bad shape. I have taken him to the vets to get checked over as he has a really bad tummy and it’s really swollen. He also has flees, ear mites and worms. His coat is in shocking condition and he’s always itching him self. I got a vacation card from the seller and it said he went the vets on the 24/06/09, my vet said that would of made him about 4 weeks old so the card mustn’t be his. The vet said he is no more than 7 weeks old and he sold him to us and said he was 2 and a half moths old. The seller also said we would get our papers in about 6weeks time as there was such a back log of paper work. Ive reported copwell kennels to all the relevant departments and services and are coming to take statements from me. I suggest that if anyone else is going through this does the same. The only good thing that has come from this is i have saved my poor little dexter from them people.

  30. Please i am urging everyone who has bought from this place to please contact moreen davies –, she has been a great help to myself after i bougt a very sick puppy from copwell kennels, as you can read about my situtaion above – this lovely lady has been an absolute god send to me and has pointed me in all the right directions on what to do and her infomation has been amazing!

    Please if you contact mo via the above email – i can gerantee you will not be dissapointed and myself and mo will be over the moon with your support – as we need to bring a stop to these people advertising and selling sick and un-reg puppies.

    Thank you so very much.

  31. My sister bought a puppy from Darren Green bout 7 years ago, he was really poorly after a couple of days at home. He was taken to the vets and we were told he had lung worm, really bad legs which he was given injections for, along with other problems. Was only till the vet asked who the breeder was when she realised what this man did for a living! Breeding puppies in Ireland and they selling them from his home, we were all horrified that little Jake had been so badly treated in his early stages of his life. Darren Green was then in the news papers and BBC news. It was only then we discovered the horrible stories of people buying puppies and then having to have them put to sleep after only a few days! If my sister had not taken Jake to the vets when she did, he would have been another case as he was really ill. Im pleased to say that he is a lovely dog now and is doing very well.

  32. omg i to have bought a puppy from copwell i have no papers!! wish i did my homework before i bought off them but we where so excited about getting her she seems fine but is havingt trouble keeping her food down so vet has given me some to try she also had a ear infection and ear mites! has anyone heard back off trading standards??

  33. Hi my choc lab is 2 yrs old now i bought him from copwell kennels as a present for my wife, but about a year ago when i was taking him out for walks,he has become very aggresive to other dogs and other dog owners who is saying is he a cross with a rottweiler.
    I can’t let him of his lead as he will attack other people,so i am thinking is my choc lab a real pedigree.
    It took over a year to get his papers as i am now having doubts if he is a real choc lab.

  34. Wow I can’t believe all these comments. I bought a Black Lab Pub in April 10, but I got the first pick of a litter. He is a top dog, excellent behaved, perfect build and features, fit as a fiddle, he can run and swim for hours. it sounds like I am one of the lucky ones! maybe the fact i got him quick stopped him getting poorly – i am really shocked at what i’ve found when i googled copwell kennels. I’m just pleased to see we’ve saved Max from any of these horrible problems

  35. i bought a rotweiller pup from this guy 3 months ago and still waiting on the paperwork which he said is being processed but kc say they have not been registered. i have found out he has just been banned by the kc but still claims the paperwork is being processed and the money has left his account. the dog is fit and healthy and we wanted to take her to dog shows but cannot without any papers. we paid £600 for her

  36. hello i know it is now 2015…but this BYB is still in the limelight of a foul breeder and animal abuser…selling pups from unhealth checked dams/sires —rottweilers for mega bucks without any KC pedigree unhealth checked but saying the pups are???is there anyone else that is still buying pups from this monster?

  37. just bought a Rottweiler for £600 and apparently from Slovakia and has a passport but am still waiting for the passport and all other documents… so seems the guys a scammer and don’t trust this guy what so ever and his daughter must be as bad as him a con man

  38. This person is still breeding and advertising puppies as KC registered, selling his specialist German bloodlines at a very inflated price, and innocent people like me are still buying from him. He is using his daughters name Jodie Green to get incorrect paperwork from the KC, dont know why he bothers as you never get them anyway. Puppies registered as bred by Jodie Green at his address, but bred and sold by Darren Green, also his stud dog used as owned by someone else, but is still owned and lives with Green at his home address. He says all his dogs are health checked, this is not true, he says they have numerous German titles, this is also not true. His poor animals are bought and sold at his whim, and he cares not to whom, selling dogs for £3000 at times.

  39. Folks I can endorse all what you have all said. I myself have purchased dogs from this guy and have NEVER ever receive the KC pedigrees. I have tried time and time again and to no avail. He is simple dishonest, plain and simple. Beware!!! There is a saying not everything you sometimes read is true but in this instance believe me, it’s true!!

  40. Sadly I too was conned by Jodie and Darren Green. I bought a bitch Rottweiler puppy that turned out to be very ill. My pup had Degenerative Myelopathy which resulted in a very short painful life of 6 months.
    These people are the scum of the earth.

  41. I brought home a pup from here yesterday. It was advertised as a cockapoo female. It is in no way a cockapoo and once I got home I realised that this dog is definitely not the one in the picture in the advert. Also realised after a 2.5 hour journey back to Scotland that SHE was a HE! After I did a bit of googling and social media searching Ive realised that this woman calling herself Nicole Fernandez is in fact Jodie Green. Our wee pup is being sick all the time along with diarrhoea. It won’t eat and it’s very floppy. Been to vets today for antibiotics and vitamin jags. I can’t bear to think what this woman and her father have been doing to these pups! Funnily enough they’re not answering my calls, texts or emails.

  42. I am so glad I googled this chap I was in contact with him regarding a Rottweiler pup which I was to pay 1000 for in the morning, untill I found this out,I feel terrible for all of you who have had bad experiences but your comments saved me going through it, I do hope someone shuts this down and helps these unfortunate dogs and puppies

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