Its the little things that make it worth it :)

Im in a good mood and wanted to share πŸ™‚

Sometimes I look at the stuff i do and wonder wtf I think im doing. I have no qualifications and done no training in anything to do with dogs and sometimes it all seems a bit surreal.

Anyways earlier today a dog I rehomed a few years ago got out and was freaking out at everyone walking past (shes not used to being on her own) No one could get near her but when I came round she came flying over as soon as she spotted me and i got a free face wash as I took her back home.

A bit later on I was taking tony for a walk and when i got back to our street something had happened and half the neighbourhood was outside including about 15 kids from 9 mths up and loads of adults. I went over being nosey (as you do!) and tony bless his ickle heart lay down and allowed all the kids to stroke him and play and really didnt give a hoot. Just lay enjoying the fuss. One of the adults is actually a police officer too so that was all good πŸ™‚

Then I had to go visit a friend of my sisters who wanted to rehome her staffie. Apparently very dog aggressive and totally out of control. So went into garden with out of control staffie who is actually a total babe and her only problem was that a local trainer had taught her that other dogs mean she gets an electric shock πŸ™

Next door to this not dog aggressive dog is another dog i rehomed a few years ago (before the staffie moved in) who went spare when she heard my voice and i had to go around there and say hello. Shortly after my sisters dog two doors up heard me and she kicked off too lol

30 mins later and all three dogs where out in the street onlead (some distance apart but still!) all ignoring each other and perfectly happy πŸ™‚ Owner of the not dog aggressive dog is now keeping her dog and going to work on basic training while all the other dogs clearly remember and actually like me.

I am happy πŸ™‚

What little things make your day?

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