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Is The Kennel Club an Underground Cult?

Normally I wouldn’t need to ask such a bizarre question. But having just read the annual address from Kennel Club chairman Ronnie Irving I feel compelled to re-examine whether the Kennel Club is a simple, albeit powerful, private member’s club, run for the benefit of its members - enthusiasts of pedigree dogs - or if it has moved in to the territory of the Scientologists, Stonecutters or the Freemasons.

Well here’s how Mr Irving opens his address:
In this column in January 2008 I started off the year by predicting “greater interference from the outside world“

Erm, what?

“Greater interference from the outside world” - well that answers at least one of my questions, does the Kennel Club have independent PR advice? Doesn’t look like it!
When I read comments like this it makes me cringe, genuinely. It makes me take a deep intake of breath and wince. I read stuff like that and I [...]

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