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International Dog Control Training Seminars Announced

A ground breaking opportunity for Animal Control Officers from three continents to attend training seminars in Western Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom has been created thanks to the forward thinking of Steve Elvidge, a Life Member of the Western Australia Rangers Association.

WARA has close links and ties with the National Animal Control Association (NACA) from the United States of America and the National Dog Warden Association (NDWA) in the UK. Steve recently gave a presentation on the role of a Western Australian Ranger at the NDWA annual conference in Altringham Cheshire in October 2008.
Members from all three organisations now have the opportunity to attend training workshops at any forthcoming training seminars of each other’s respective associations.
All three associations promote responsible dog ownership and encourage the correct training of officers who have to handle animals and deal with enforcement issues in their communities. Although some workshops [...]

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