I know i should have done it ages ago and i will give myself a slapped wrist for not doing it but i was just wondering who you think is the best company to insure my dog (soon to be dogs) with?

Direct line seem to be the cheapest but would like your input

I know there was a post a while ago about insurance but just thought i’d do it again to see if any opinions had changed?

I used to use pet plan for my horses but they were crap – cut a long story short one after claiming a couple of times for one horse i ended up having a horse that was insured apart his front left leg and his stomach (basically once i’d claimed for an injury/illness that part of his body was void of claiming ever again!)

so don’t rate them particularly well- plus they aint that cheap.

any ideas guys – also i want to insure Gypsy from when i get her (pref on same policy) but if i insure her from 8 weeks old she will have started her jabs (but prob not completed at time of taking policy out so can’t really answer yes to "has your dog had all vaccinations") and i will have her spayed when old enough, does this make a big difference in the premium?

I’m kinda lost – so can anyone help?

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