Insurance company making conditions on policy without informing customers

Overall I am very happy with Direct Line, they have paid out in full both times I have claimed. Their policies are reasonably priced and they are fairly easy to deal with.

My one complaint is that when I rang to make a claim they spouted a whole load of maximum limits before proceeding to take my details eg they will pay a maximum of £35 per night for hospitalisation, there are maximum amounts for various tests etc These limits are not documented anywere on my policy paperwork, nor are they available on line from what I can see. Fortunately my vets appear to charge amounts which fall within these limits.

Someone on another forum has had part of their claim rejected because their vet charges more than the specified amounts (probably due to higher fees in the South of England). They told her that these limits had only just been introduced in recent months due to increasing vet fees.

My policy was renewed 6 weeks ago yet they still didn’t inform me of any changes. I think this is very wrong.

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