Independent Inquiry into Dog Breeding – A Split Develops in Scotland

The Kennel Club initiated (and co-funded) independent inquiry in to dog breeding has come under fire from the Scottish Kennel Club who have warned their members that the inquiry could ‘be against the interests of pedigree dogs’.

This from the front page of the SKC website:


Perhaps you may be aware that there is an Independent Inquiry into Dog Breeding, Chaired by Professor Sir Patrick Bateson.

Details of this can be accessed through The Independent Inquiry into Dog Breeding. Within this website you will find an extremely technical questionnaire which you are requested to complete.

The Scottish Kennel Club consider that this survey may be against the interests of pedigree dogs. We are concerned with the direction and bias of the questions in this document and would urge you to simply refer to the terms of reference contained within the website.

The Scottish Kennel Club will not be replying to this survey other than responding to the terms of reference. We would ask you to join us in this action.

So the Scottish Kennel Club believes that the inquiry co-funded by The Kennel Club is going to run contrary to the interests of pedigree dogs.

They don’t explain why they believe this. But I’ll happily suggest that when they say ‘contrary to the interests of pedigree dogs’ what they actually mean is ‘contrary to interests of pedigree dog breeders’. Because on what planet is an independent inquiry likely to produce results which are going to be harmful to pedigree dogs.

What a joke.

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