I’m Obviously Dangerous

with Sonic…….

Have just taken the little man out up to the local fields, never normally use the fields but I have been stuck for days sick at home, the big guys went to work yesterday and played in their fields but poor Sonic has been stuck in for days.

Apart from the shear amount of dog dirt on the route (I was absolutely disgusted, no wonder people slate dogs and their owners!) I saw about thirty people, now I ain’t racist and this is Bradford but I saw two white english and then the others were from different ethnics. I have just cleared the streets!

The shear horror and fear in some folk was simply amazing, a couple of young lads just side stepped us, the rest actually crossed the road or stopped in total fear rather than pass us as Sonic was sniffing. One lady with two kids I had to reassure her she could pass. The kids were equally as scared.

I could understand if it was one of my big guys but Sonic????? Whats more an under control, on lead, well behaved Sonic??????

Perhaps I am more limited in my worldly understanding and experience than I thought but am glad I don’t normally have to pound the streets to local fields and have the car to go further afield as I normally do.

I found the whole experience very sad:(

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