im back :)

Hi all im back πŸ™‚ did you miss me lol.
i see we have had a make over while i was gone.
all doglets are doing fine and all the other furries. Poppy is back with her owner now, not sure for how long though. she had to go vets the other day as she was having discharge coming from her lady bits and it may be a bad case of cystitis or cancer πŸ™ tests are inconclusive so she is going back this week, fingers crossed all is well.
we are hoping to move soon if we can find a suitable exchange as the neighbours are still causing problems, its a shame as we love the house.
oh and i am one step closer to getting guinea pigs as OH brought me 2 nice big hutches last week πŸ™‚ yipee.
anyway im of to do loads of catching up now.

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