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Illegal pitbull-type dog put down

UK Dog News

A pitbull-type dog that was illegally imported onto the Isle of Man is put down after no home is found for it.

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  1. pitbull should not be put down because there are not killer its the owner who are killer because pitbull just learns off us and if there is a good owner with a pitbull then there is no trouble .

  2. Totally agree with simon, have owned and friends still own the most obedient, docile and friendly dogs that happen to be “PIT BULL” – type dogs which play with loads of other dogs as well as “AHH” “CHILDREN” yes “CHILDREN” and they happen to absolutely adore every minute of licking them to death. when you consider how many of these dogs are on the streets then you consider the very high percentage of terrible and iresponsable owners that these dogs have and then consider the very low percentage on record of this “TYPE” of dog attacking humans.

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