I am getting fit!

Yes, I have decided I’ve had enough of breaking into a sweat every time I get off a chair.

I have begun running! Well, jogging. To start with.

Today I ran for one minute, walked for five, ran for one minute, walked for five etc. So I actually ran for four minutes! This, for me, is amazing.

I shall do that for a week, and then run for two, walk for two etc. The plan is, in a few weeks I shall be running for 20 minutes!

God I’m unfit – it nearly killed me. I could ONLY just do the minutes :rolleyes:

BUT! I am determined!

The dogs thought I was mental. They’ve never seen me run before πŸ˜€

I will be fit, goddammit!

Tell me I am marvellous, please – I need the encouragement :closedeyes:

Some "I used to struggle to jog 20 yards and now I’m working toward my first marathon" anecdotes would also be helpful πŸ˜€

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