I am for the high jump!

I’ve got two beagles here for boarding and OH is away, due back later today.

All has been well and as its so warm the dogs have all been lazing about resting.

There is a part of the garden which is strictly no large dogs allowed as the lawn is kept nice and OH has put in a little wildlife pond which he has some tadpoles in and nice pond plant.

The terriers had been in that part of the garden earlier but wanted to come inside in the cool so I let them and shut the gate but did not shut it securely as the bolt is stiff.

I was pottering in the house and thought I’d peek out at the dogs as they were so quiet. The dogs had pushed the gate in the banned part of the garden and Polo was having a great time emptying the pond. 😮 There were little tadpoles in muddy pools around the pond and bits of pond plant everywhere and very little water left in the pond.

There is gonna be big trouble when DH gets back.:thumpdown:

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