Hypoallergenic Dog Food Covered in New Book

As more and more dog owners seek to learn about quality dog nutrition as well as some of the more modern diets – like hypoallergenic dog food – Peter Speed has some advice for them.

Having found that his own dogs became ill after years of eating commercial dog food, the innovative Canine Cook’s kitchen was borne.

The team will be exhibiting at the Lincolnshire Steam and Vintage Rally at the Showground all weekend. With pets allowed to join the family fun and explore the steam engines, vintage tractors, cars and motorcycles, a visit to the Canine Cook stand is sure to be a welcome respite for the family dog. The Canine Cook will be offering samples of his Lamb and Brown Rice complete dog food,  Puppy +VERM X puppy food, salmon and potato hypo-allergenic dog food and tasty chicken treats throughout the weekend.

Mr Speed said, “We were delighted to discover that dogs are welcome at the Lincolnshire Show Ground and able to enjoy the weekend as much as other members of the family so it seemed fitting that we pick an event at the venue to mark our first ever exhibition. We’re very excited to get out of the kitchen and meet our customers and are looking forward to demonstrating how our natural dog food and hypo-allergenic dog food can help pets suffering from a poor diet to be happier and healthier.

“We’ll have lots of tasty samples on offer for humans and dogs alike so please do come along and say hello.”

The Canine Cook’s mission is to formulate delicious recipes that allow man’s best friend to live a long and healthy life. Quality rather than cost is the driving force, meaning the ingredients used are human grade, UK-sourced ingredients.

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