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Hurrah someone apologised!

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Had a very strange, almost surreal experience today when we were out on the heath. I saw a lady in the distance with what looked to me like a Labrador puppy. It went haring off and she was calling it to no avail. I then realised it was a large Staffy (looked more like a pit bull to be honest) and it was heading straight for us. Parker went and wuffed at it (doesn’t like dogs charging up to us like that-bad social manners he thinks) and the woman was frantically calling it back but it was having a lovely time being chased by Parker and it wouldn’t leave him alone (it was entire) and Parker will only take so much interference hence the wuffing…..

It then spotted Cherry and charged towards her so I warned the woman she was dog aggressive and went to get my pet corrector out and it had run out!! Bad timing! I shouted "Bad dog, No" as it kept coming towards Cherry. I wasn’t sure of its intentions but I knew Cherry’s weren’t good. She was frightened and when she gets scared she headbutts!

The owner asked me to use my pet corrector so whether she thought her dog would be aggressive I don’t know. I then fortunately remembered I had a noise/rape alarm in my pocket so used that to get it to move back from Cherry and Cherry calmed down once she knew I was in charge of the situation.

It then took the woman five more minutes to get her dog back. BUT SHE APOLOGISED!!!!

I nearly collapsed!! She didn’t say to me I shouldn’t bring my dog out if it was frightened of other dogs!!! She apologised profusely. I said calmly that I didn’t think she should let her dog off-leash if it wouldn’t go back when called and had she considered a long-line to train it, also that she should be really careful to have this breed very well trained because of other people’s worries and prejudices.

We cancelled our planned walk to the library and went to "Pets at Home" instead to get a new pet corrector. At least I didn’t feel chewed up like I normally do when this sort of incident happens. Makes a pleasant change.

I think it was my lucky day today as on the way back I saw the aggressive black lab who has bitten a couple of dogs and knocked an older lady over and it was off-lead but it was muzzled! When it tried to have a pop at Cherry the owner said I was the village idiot and it was my fault his dog was aggressive as Cherry shouldn’t be on a lead! I told his friend to tell him if I saw it off-lead and unmuzzled he would be reported to the dog warden so at least he now has it muzzled but it was still eying Cherry up from a distance and glaring at her so we walked the other way. If he ever apologises to me I will need smelling salts to bring me round!


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