How was day 1 2010 for you?

So how was your New Years Day? I hope you awoke to sunshine as I did?

I had a brilliant day. After crumpets shared between the three of us to start the day, Cloud, Connor and I set off for a 5 hour walk today. Rucksack full of snap and drinks I decided to join two quite long walks together and do them both. We’ve walked in woods, crossed streams, walked along the river, visited an old hermitage house that is carved out by the old river route, scrambled over a rock fall, got cut off by the river and had to come up with a new route, we’ve seen buzzards, lamas, pheasants, deer, rabbits, squirrels and some bird of prey Ive not seen in the area, that looked like an Eagle, but Im guessing I got that wrong?

It amazes me that the dogs understand that rucksack equalls major walk and their attitude changes to one of more even paced, lolloping. We took new territory totay on an unknown section between the two walks and it amazes me how on unfamiliar routes the dogs stop at each intersection, or even stile or major whole in hedge and look to me, waiting calmly, whilst I decide on the correct course. As soon as I know the way they read it and are off.

We have since chilled out with fires and tonight I am going to write a big list of things that I am greatful for and go to bed with those thoughts. Int life brill sometimes!:thumbup1:

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