How to stop dog rolling

One of my clients has a young collie. I take her out one to three times a week.

She has started a habit of rolling in anything smelly. A lot of the dogs do from time to time but she does it frequently. The two places that I walk her have plenty of rotten things to roll in. One of the places is a common that is currently used for cows and I have stopped walking there. However, the other area has a lot of fox poo, horse poo and bits of dead rodents etc

My client has left a couple of notes asking me to make sure she doesn’t roll as she does not like coming home to a smelly dog. She said they prevent her doing so by keeping her occupied with a ball. This is not always practical for me as I am usually walking three dogs, one of which is usually on-lead and if it is too hot I don’t like to throw balls for the dogs.

I always rinse her off and clean her as best I can if she has got smelly but short of keeping her on-lead, which they do not want, I cannot see how I can possibly stop her rolling. She did it today, paused briefly just feet in front of me to have a sniff but I was a second too late in stopping her as I had two dogs off and one on-lead. She did not have any muck on her but did pong a bit and I’ve no doubt they will have something to say about it.

The only solutions I can think of are keep on lead, or walk her one-to-one which would mean rescheduling and charging more.

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