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Denise said something recently that got me thinking, along the lines of "don’t ruffle their ears, mess with around with their heads" (apologies to Denise if I’ve phrased that wrong!)

12 months ago I would have agreed wholeheartedly. We got Simon as a two year old rescue, and he was very head shy, and would flinch if a hand was raised anywhere near his head. (He had other issues too.) We really worked on building trust, and he got so he would tolerate a hand touching his head, but never in a million years has he liked it. He loves a good chest rub, or a tummy rub. He also weirdly, likes my husband to sit on a chair, raise his legs, and bounce them on him back/bum. Not sure how that one evolved! If he lifts his feet up, Simon will come over and stick his bum underneath. 🙂

Jake was a total revelation to me. He loves kisses and cuddles and ear rubs. I do everything that is wrong with him, but he loves it! I kiss him up and down his nose (it’s a big nose!) I can grab him from behind and kiss him on the back of the neck. I just found him on my bed, and got on and loomed over him, gave him a snog, then lay on him. (Gosh, that sounds a bit iffy, he is a dog by the way!) He let out a sigh and snuggled down. No way is he just putting up with it, if I stop, I get a paw to carry on.

I don’t know if it is breed (Simon is a Lab x Collie and Jake is a Collie), or upbringing (Simon had been abused, Jake has known only love), or just their personalities.

Anyway, I’d be interested to know what level of fuss your dogs like, and if you know why. 🙂

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