How many kids do you have/want and why?

I’m visiting my parents again and they have new foster kids – three girls, aged 5, 6 and 7. It’s making me think about children again, and the differences in households that have them to those that have few to those that have lots. I’ve only got one sister, and we have some cousins who are only children, one set of 4 and one set of 5. I see a lot of differences in the children who are only children to those who have siblings.

How many children do you have/want and why?

I don’t have any yet, I’m only 22, but I’d like a few. Ideally 4 I think, but since that would cause lots of problems with things like cars and so on that are built for five people max, I don’t know. OH would be happy with 2 I think, so we’ll probably end up with 3. I love the energy in a house with a big family in it, and I think it’s good for the children. I know those cousins of mine with more siblings are nicer people to be around generally because they’ve learned they cannot have everything they want, and the older ones have learned responsibility helping with the little ones. Though I guess that could be because those aunties and uncles who had more children love being parents and so perhaps do a better job.

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