How did I ever live without a Furminator?

In the petshop today to buy a pair of goldfish to replace the dear, departed Fink I realised that I had no cash, and incurring credit card charges for 2 goldfish (total cost €7) was ridiculous so I thought ‘sod it’ and splurged on a furminator.

I got home and ate, and then I popped Tegan up on the table and let rip. 2 minutes later I had a pile of hair equivelant to what I get after about 20 minutes of handstripping. What did I ever do without this? T was a bit sceptical of this new piece of equipment so I left it at that for tonight; she was a bit reluctant to roll over to have her belly done, so I didn’t want to force her.

Here’s the new fish, if anyone’s interested. Mr. Croup on the left and Mr. Vandemar on the right:

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