House Training – I’m at my whits-end!!!

Dear All

Earlier in the year I posted a thread about a very disturbed rescue dog I re-homed called Riley and the advice I got from everyone who replied to my post was fab and extremely useful!!! Riley is now about a year and a half old and she is like a completely different dog because she is playful, friendly, affectionate, obedient and we even managed to house train her quite easily.

However about a month ago I moved house and since then I am having a nightmare!!!! At night Riley is kept in the kitchen and before she goes to bed she is let out in the garden for about 15 – 20 mins to do her business, which is the exact same routine she was in, in my old house. Guaranteed every single morning I wake up and she has done a poo and wee in the kitchen. She poos close to the back door and wees next to her food bowl.

I’ve tried the exact same method I used before to house train her, which was putting paper on the floor close to the back door, then eventually getting rid of the paper. I’ve tried keeping her outside for longer and I’ve even gone outside with her and praised her when she’s done her business. But nothing is working and it’s driving me crazy!!!! I really need to get this issue sorted because I am over 5 ½ months pregnant. If anyone has any advice I would be really grateful.

Kind regards


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