Heyas ^^
I’m Jess and new to the site. Just found my way to here lol. I have 2 black labradors, a 10 year old bitch who was the runt of the litter and a very hyperactive 8 year old male.
Before them I had 2 yellow labs and 1 beagle which was rescued from a laboratory.
So yeah, just saying hi and stuff. I also need abit of advice, my 8 year old lab, elliott, has a bit of a problem, he doesn’t get on well with other dogs that he doesn’t recognise which isn’t exactly brilliant when I take him out for a walk in the New Forest as he nearly attacked a Doberman. We do muzzle him for his own good but is there anyway around it as I really dislike having to put a muzzle on the poor boy. He gives me such a sad look.

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