History Repeats Itself in Kennel Club Ground-dog Day

The year: 1985. The topic: the health and welfare of pedigree dogs. The arguments: incredibly, amazingly – and shamefully: familiar.

Pay particular note to (7-mins in) Bill Edmunds of the Kennel Club (the 1985 version of the Kennel Club). Here’s what Bill has to say in response to the accusations that the Kennel Club has allowed and encouraged breeding practices that have lead to health problems within pedigree dog breeds:

“(The Kennel Club is) coming to the end of a review of breed standards where we are removing clauses in those (breed) standards (in order to) remove exaggeration. We are taking out clauses that are deleterious to the breeds.” ~ Bill Edmunds, The Kennel Club: 1985.

Fast forward, shall we, to January of 2009.

The breed standards – the picture in words that describes each breed of dog – have been revised so that they will not include anything that could in any way be interpreted as encouraging features that might prevent a dog from breathing, walking and seeing freely. This will help to prevent the practice of exaggeration

The Kennel Club would have you believe they have ‘lead the way’ on pedigree health reforms but if they didn’t get it right ‘in the Victorian era’, didn’t get it right 24 years ago and STILL haven’t got it right today (ask them about their non existent compulsory health screening, COI requirements or policy on opening the studbook) – let’s hope we won’t be listening to them, quite literally, repeating themselves in 2035.

With the recently published RSPCA backed independent report in to pedigree dog health outlining what NEEDS to happen, there really is no further room for excuses.

Source: DogMagazine.net – the K9 Magazine blog

History Repeats Itself in Kennel Club Ground-dog Day

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