History Mystery – feedback please.

The first Pekingese to come to Britain, according to Pekingese lore, was Lootie(Looty). He/She was stolen from the Chinese palace and given to Queen Victoria in 1861. 4 other Pekingese dogs went to other aristocrats of the time. As I understand it none of these were bred from and the Pekingese breed did not get its European start until after that time.

This is a link to a portrait of Looty. Royal Collection – Looty

But a very long time ago on a private art list I came across an oil on millboard painting of a white and sable King Charles Spaniel – from 1867, that looked very, well, Pekingeezish.

The date really struck me, because the Pekingese breed had yet to be recognized in Britain, (there were only 5 individuals) and yet this looked like possibly a Peke painting that had been misnamed . . . unless truly this is a representative of a white and sable King Charles Spaniel of that time. The color of the dog struck me as well. White and sable has never been recognized, even in the earliest history, in the King Charles Spaniel breed.

I have just found another artists remake of this piece that I can link to for all to see.

A King Charles Spaniel Painting by Iliyan Petkov – A King Charles Spaniel Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

So, give me some theories. How did this Peke mix lookalike show up in a painting from 1867 with the title "A King Charles Spaniel".

I wish I could find more about the original painting – Alfred Corbould (original artist) lived 1831-1875.

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