Hello from sunny Surrey! 😀

I was linked here by a friend who noticed that my rescue dog Zack (Staffie x) had a thread running on him.

I have my own animal rescue called Furry Friends and have been running it for ten years this year. Although it started off as a small animal rescue (and still is) we started to do dog rescue about 7 years ago.
Over the last two years we have concentrated on hard to rehome dogs, dogs with health problems that other rescues won’t touch or those on death row.
Most of the dogs that come here are abuse cases and are unwanted by other rescues because they are unpredictable, extremely nervous or firey with other dogs. We try to intergrate dogs that come here into my home, but if they are dog aggressive then they have to stay at the kennels that I manage.
To date, we have never had to have a dog (or any other animal) euthanased because of aggression. All have been rehabilitated and are now in loving homes.
We have a strict non-breeding policy and ensure this by neutering all dogs before they leave out care.
No dogs are homed as guard dogs or working dogs. All are homed to pet homes only. We also operate a backup for life policy which ensures that once dogs come here they will always have somewhere to go should they become unwanted again.

I have four dogs of my own who are spoilt brats – Conker the Lab x, Harry the Cocker Spaniel, Monty the Chihuahua cross and Annie the Yorkie x.


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