Ok people, I need your help. I am waaaay out of my league with this one. As you know some weeks ago the Met police allowed us to take a number of pups out of their care and rehome them. We know there was some discusion over the mum but owner claimed she was an american bulldog and certainly she was a medium -large sized bull breed. We did not see mum so have nowt more than that to go on. Dad we where told was a staffie.

So I took some in here, two have been rehomed but jackson still remains. Jackson remains because he doesnt act like a bull breed in any way shape or form. I have no idea what exactly he does act like but I know hes not like most bull breeds.

Jackson also doesnt look a blinking thing like either a staffie nor an am bull or in fact any bull breed I can think of. If we had been asked to take him via any other route I would probably have suggested a general rescue because he most likely to be homed there, hes that not a bull breed!

So I need your help to determine what Jackson may be. He is only about 13 " to the shoulder at five months of age and I doubt he will get more than another 2" before being fully grown. Hes very slim built ( well sorta lab/collie build, not a chunk like a bull breed) has a slim head is almost pointy nosed and, curiously, has not got a clearly defined stop but isnt ebt at all.

Please someone tell me what he is so i dont crack up completly!!!

Please and thank you!

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