Help with my weimie

Hi everyone,
I’ve not been posting much lately but do come on and read most days about three months ago I adopted a six month old weirerama male called Dane,

when we had him he was extremely fearful and has taken a great deal of time to reassure him that life is kind and full of fun

he has plenty of exercise and lots of brain training with treats and praise. however I have one problem and its becoming quite a problem

If anyone comes in he barks whether its a family member or not he goes berserk at my daughter.
all means of calming him down have failed telling him hes a good boy, nothing is helping.
but the worst is at night he barks at everything when we go to bed we have tried crate cuddles treats etc but nothing is working.

also if my oh goes out or both of us he will bark and bark even with reassurance from those left behind.

I feel that its attention barking but am afraid to come down to heavy on him in case we reinforce the fear that was there before.

otherwise hes been an angel no destruction only two accidents and this from a dog who was supposed to be not house broke so we have been quite pleased but i am afraid that the neighbors will get fed up,

I know you should ignore attention barking but at two in the morning with a large dog its extremely difficult.

he also does a lot of poo eating which we are getting him out of slowly so something unpleasant must have occurred when he was younger

sorry for such a long post and here is a pic of the little monster

Dane the weirerama :: PICT2588.jpg picture by lucysmom_2008 – Photobucket


Rachel and the gang!

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