Help wanted to rehome PGBV.

One of our clients is looking to re-home her Petit Griffon Basset Vendeen.

Unfortunately, the owner has realised the dog just isn’t suitable for her home. She is a single mum with 2 kids under 5. He is a very high energy, high drive, intelligent dog, and he’s basically going mad at the moment!

He’s just over a year old, neutered about 6 weeks ago, good with kids and people.

He has shown some dog aggression, apparently he was in fights when he was younger, and has shown dog aggression on a couple of our walks. He never made contact, but the threat was there (off lead).

He’s currently walked for a minimum of an hour a day, and is completely ball obsessed. When you don’t have a ball with you, he has a good recall but has been known to chase small furries. He currently lives with a guinea pig, and does bother it.

He’s a quick learner, and very fast, a possible agility dog?

Unfortunately the owner just doesn’t have the time or focus for him, he’s digging the garden up, chewing everything he can, generally causing chaos, because she needs to focus on her kids.

I’ll contact the breed club on Monday, where else can I look?

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