Help! New to Raw Feeding

I have a 5 year old Westie and after many years of concern over the content of manufactured food and having a heavy bill for teeth cleaning, only last week, I have made the leap to raw feeding. It has only been two days and already I am starting to get cold feet and worrying about whether I have done the right thing. I don’t really know why? I think I have read too many horror stories of bones lodging in the stomach!

I gave my Westie a raw chicken leg on the first day and after about half an hour of licking it and staring at it, he picked it up, disappeared into the other room and promptly chewed it up, bone and all. Yesterday I gave him a chicken thigh and this time he waited a few minutes before doing the same. So I am really pleased with his response to raw feeding. However, my concerns are that when he used his bowels last night, there was pieces of bone in the faeces. Does this not scratch his stomach and intestine or cause blockages. Is this right? Anyway last night I got in a bit of panic because he was whimpering and I don’t know why, probably not linked to the raw diet at all. Today he seems fine.

Also one last question. I read somewhere that when you switch to raw feeding don’t worry about balancing the diet initially, stick to one food type ie. chicken. However, I have read on this forum that he should be fed soft raw meat as well as bones. Am I doing wrong feeding him chicken thighs, legs, wings etc every day initially? By the way he only eats once a day, normally in the evening and I am giving him about 200grams.

Sorry the post is so long but it is quite scary the first few days.

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