HELP Guys…Please…

Ideas welcome please…

I met a young man last year that came to my classes after getting a staffy cross pup. Let me give you the full story….

Scott, is in a wheelchair, he was the unfortunate victim of a car crash some years ago. He is such a nice young lad.

Currently he is in a hospital with bed sores that are now life threatening, we have folks visiting him, are caring for his dog etc but I just can’t help we are missing a trick. He is being turned every half hour etc but is incredibly depressed, he has psp, wii etc that folks have taken in for him BUT has anyone any other ideas of what we could do to lift his spirits??????

I am stumped, but want to do something.

Could I do some agility work with his dog and take a series of pics to put in a book for him? Would that spur him on for wanting to get well to continue with her training or would that make him more depressed????? I could easily get him working Bubbles on the agility course from his wheelchair when he comes out?

What do you think? I really need some ideas. He is such a young man and I know depressed to the point of wanting to give up. Please folks all ideas welcome…I need to do something for this lad and his dog:(

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