We recently adopted a beautiful Alaskan Malamute female. We got her from the SPCA as a dog that had been abandoned several times in her 3 years of life. Our other two dogs, a Malamute Husky and a Malamute Wolf adjusted to her and her to them remarkably well. The poor girl came with some emotional baggage though, and no matter what the ‘experts’ have suggested, and no matter what we have tried, she just cannot break free of the horrible habits she has brought to this new pack. Tonight we came home to her loose in the house. Mind you, although she can be trusted when we are home and through the night to be left out of her crate, it is not a reasonable practice while we are gone through the day at work and such. These times she stays crated in the house. But tonight we came home to find her roaming the house with the other two dogs, who do stay uncrated all of the time, and she had defecated, puked and pee’d all over the house! I mean like it was just a bodily function fest gone awry!! Now this would not be the first time ‘houdini’ has broke free of her restraints even though she has been very good as of late and break-outs have not happened in a long while. But she has never gone ballistic with all the bodily releases as she did tonight. We are not sure if she needed to potty and stressed herself into a frenzy until she was able to break out and then went wild from all of the stress she had created, or if it was that she was just sick, broke out and went to town. But after two hours of cleanup tonight, after a very long day of work for both of us, with the carpet machine ect, my wife just said she cant do this anymore, and I am finding myself reluctantly agreeing with her. We have only had her for 3 months now, and keep hoping it will get better, but we are both constantly wondering to ourselves, "whats next?!" She has come some strides, but it just seems to keep going back to these horrible habits and dysfunction. That is the other thing. She was huge when we got her. Due to fears of hip displasia we cut her diet and she has lost alot of weight to a more acceptable weigh in. But, she has had, since day one, a very bad habit of eating "everything" from toys, to shoes, to trash, socks, underwear….pooh… and we just cannot get her to break the habit much less keep a constant watch on her and inventory of all of our belongings! Which of course has us wondering what she may have eaten to have caused tonight’s escapade??!! I just know we cannot keep going this way, and we were looking for a dog to be an active part of our pack. Not one who is in a run by herself all of the time because she is so misbehavin. I think we would both be crushed to take her back to the SPCA, but just cannot and do not want to keep this up. Tonight was like the last straw. It almost reminds me of that movie, Turner And Hooch!! A part of me wants to just cry. She was banned from the house tonight and is tied up outside on the lawn and it is just so sad to see her like this. But not knowing what she may do (getting sick all over the place again) it seems the only thing to do for now. And what about tomorrow….the next day? I would hope for someone to give me a miracle bit of advice, but at this point to even have a bit of understanding from someone and a gentle word of guidance and wisdom would be so nice. They always say to sleep on things and sometimes they look better the next morning, and we will. But it is just not looking good as of now. Please somebody….help!!

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