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Greyhounds: Why Are They The Second Class Citizens of the Dog World?

Why do we treat our Greyhounds so badly?
It’s a question I’ve been pondering a lot lately.
I worked in kennels from the day I was old enough to leave school. I’ve been lucky enough to travel to different countries, see other kennels in action, see lots and lots of dogs from lots and lots of different backgrounds and disciplines. From top level competition dogs to ‘ordinary’ - but much loved - pets.

I have never met an unpleasant Greyhound.
I’ll qualify this. I feel I need to.
I reckon, on a conservative estimate, I’ve personally met about 10,000 dogs. Working in a commercial dog training kennel and a boarding kennel and, for a short period, being resident at a quarantine kennel, I think I’ve met at least 10,000. Easily.
The vast majority of dogs I’ve encountered I have enjoyed. But I won’t lie, some of the dogs - particularly dogs who have come from owners [...]

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