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Greyhound Racing in Modern Britain

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The International Society Against the Exploitations of Racing Animals – ISAERA - have produced an excellent video entitled Greyhound Racing in Modern Britain? (Part One).
The video features Debra Rothery founder of Tia Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue giving an insight to both the independent re-homing charities and the industry’s own Retired Greyhound Trust.

Debra also highlights how the welfare situation has worsened for greyhounds since the Animal Welfare Act. came into force in January 2007, stating ‘As far as greyhounds are concerned, it’s a waste of the paper its written on’ and ‘they don’t care about the dogs and nobody will prosecute them’ – a sentiment shared by Greyt Exploitations.
Five trainers this year have been fined and reprimanded for cruelty and causing unnecessary suffering to their greyhounds under NGRC rules but not one trainer has been charged and therefore prosecuted in a criminal court under the Animal Welfare Act. More alarmingly, administering [...]

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