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Governor Schwarzenegger Under Fire For Veterinary Tax Plans

written by Carolyn Rose Goyda
The “Terminator” has come up with a very unpopular element of his solution to the growing economic crises in California.
He has proposed a sales tax of approximately 9 percent on veterinary services.

Hardly a small amount - and at a time when animal care givers/owners and various shelters are already personally facing increased economic hardships.
Job losses, foreclosures and cut backs in benefits and hours and college loans and small business credit - have already stretched many pet owners’ budgets and made pet care and expenses a concern.
Add the increasing municpal ordinances/fines and madatory vaccines etc - and with more animals being “discarded ” by cash scrapped families - it hardly seems humane or timely to try and impose a costly tax on animal lovers.
Here are a few ‘low-lights’ from the article posted below :
“….Even though the proposal does not require the taxation of the drugs and medicines [...]

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