Got a Spare £8k to Help Cavaliers? (It’s not for health btw, it’s for PR)

Cavaliers King Charles Spaniels are a breed in the spotlight at the moment.
For those who didn’t see Pedigree Dogs Exposed and managed to evade any of the subsequent media coverage and debate, the documentary brought to national attention a terrible state of affairs affecting the breed.
Here’s a brief summary.
Cavaliers suffer with a terrible inherited disease called Syringomyelia (SM). A truly horrifying condition that causes the dog excruciating pain. Pedigree Dogs Exposed showed Cavaliers who were suffering with the illness.
The documentary also showed a Cavalier exhibitor running a dog in a show who was a carrier of this condition. In fact, this particular dog in question had been used at stud even though his owner knew he was a SM carrier.
The documentary showed Cavalier breed ’supporters’ – basically – harranging the documentary makers once they had discovered that the makers of the film had exposed the SM carrying dog’s owner to […]

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