Good news for dogdom!


For ages now I have pondered some really clever wasy of getting potential dog owners well educated BEFORE they get a dog. Many of my "great" ideas have failed.

So, desperate, I turned to the bleeding obvious and put an ad in the local paper. :biggrin:

Hey presto. We had FOUR people at Fridays talk (which was running anyway for new customers), 2 more enquiries since and I have been booked to visit a rescue centre with a potential owner to offer my advice. :):):)

Brilliant brilliant brilliant. We have got 6 potential owners in the last 4 days – at that rate we will have as many people educated BEFORE they get, a dog than afterward!

So all trainers, if you want to get them before they get a dog, then my advice – put an ad in the dogs column in your local paper- after all that is where lots of people look to get a dog!!!!

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