Gone gooey

Just sitting here watching my youngest (6) and Jessie.

Youngest child is sitting on the sofa watching Wonderpets (a personal fave of both of us). Jessie has climbed up beside him and snuggled up to him. Youngest is stroking her really gently, almost absent-mindedly and occasionally murmuring "Good girl Jessie".

From time to time, when the rhythm of his stroking slows, she looks up at him and licks his chin to remind him she’s there.

She’s such an adorable dog it’s untrue. I’m so glad we got her. She’s turned into an absolutely perfect house dog. The kids adore her. Even OH adores her!

Sitting here watching them I could almost cry :blush:

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible, but for now KateC is melting into a puddle of soppiness :biggrin:

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