Girl’s Life Transformed by Narcolepsy Dog

A 19-year old has had her life totally revitalised thanks to a specially trained Cocker Spaniel.

Kelly Sears from Essex regularly falls asleep without any warning and is often let with nasty cuts and bruises as she tumbles to the ground as a result of the sleep inducing medical condition, Narcolepsy.

But the teenager's life has dramatically improved thanks to a Cocker Spaniel called Theo who has been taught to lick her neck and face until she wakes up. 

The Daily Mail Reports:

Theo was given to Kelly by the charity Medical Detection Dogs and is the only one in Europe specially trained to deal with a narcoleptic person.

The attentive two-year-old dog has become Kelly's "shadow" in the past two months and is with her every moment of the day and night.

Before she had Theo, Kelly would regularly be out for the count for minutes but now she is woken by a loving lick after just a few seconds.

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Narcolepsy is a condition that can affect dogs as well as people.

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