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“Girl’s Face Ripped Open By Dog” Why Is This Headline Unfair?

UK Dog News

A nine year old girl was mauled by a Bull Mastiff in Manchester recently. Typically, local press have taken a hold of the story and sensationalised it, but is this unfair to responsible dog owners who cannot be accountable for the actions of people who enter their property…
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  1. the press have a field day when it comes to big dog attacks i do belive personaly that it is how the owner brings the dog up also children have a habbit of winding dogs up i own a bullmastiff who i have had for 6 years i have brought him up with my 2 children they both treat my dog with respect,as for my neighbours children they are always banging on my gate trowing things over my fence at my dog and generaly being crule. now if he was to attack them then none of that would be writen about why the dog attacked,

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