Get a grip Clio

The local pub round teh corner has had about 6 owners in the last 12 months and it has really been ran into the ground.

This time the new owners seem pretty decent. They have gutted the place and put in new seats, new TV’s decorated throughout, new loo’s you get the picture.

Clio usually comes in with us if we go in for a hour or so with no problems BUT the new owners have a dog of their own which spends its time in the bar. Its 9 month old BC which they rescued as it got run over as a puppy so only has three legs and a little stumpy tail. Its good as gold and so friendly.

What’s the problem you may ask. Well Clio is still a nowty sod with other dogs and its an unfair disadvantage for this dog to stand up for itself.

So come on Clio get a grip and hurry up with your learning. Your hindering my drinking!!!!!

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