Galaxy Counters?

Does anyone else remember Galaxy Counters? I popped in to Bugdens today to get a paper and they had large bags of Galaxy Counters for sale so I bought one. They used to make these when I was little and they used to be small white bags with colourful animals on (I remember a giraffe). The new bags are huge in comparison (no wonder we have an obesity problem!) but they feel the same. I was really looking forward to having some tonight then remembered still Lent and I’ve given up chocolate! Oh well- I will try them tomorrow and let you know if they are the same.

Jamie (my hubbie) never remembers the same sweets/t.v programmes as me cos he’s 6 years younger but he’s really kind and says it’s because he lived in a different part of the country.

I hope they are the same-they were my favourites! Wonder why they stopped making them?

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