Fussy dog rejects new bed

Benny really is too big for the 50cm furry bed he sleeps in but he loves it and when he curls up he fits in it (very) snugley.
During the recent hot weather he sprawls out across it so his head and back end hang over the ends.
OH saw him and said I had to get Benny a bigger bed sort it out I was told ‘he cant sleep like that he will get a crick in his neck’.
Anyway I had some nice fabric and some bean bag filler so I made a lovely blue bean bag for him ( the dog that is!)
Well last night I introduced the new bed, Remy was first upsatirs and on sight of the bean bag he jumped into his bed and tucked his head right down.

Benny wandered in saw the bean bag, sniffed it and sat on the floor. After staring at it for a couple of minutes he decided.. I dont like it that. So he stood over Remy and stared, Remy kept his head down. So Benny started to snort his disapproval and nudge Remy’s bed, Remy kept his head tucked right down and his eyes tight shut.

OH tried to encouage Benny with sweet talk and patting of the bag. Benny poked it with one paw. OMG it moves! he shot a foot in the air… nasty nasty thing.
OH picked him up and put him on it. Bad mistake.. Benny snarled growled and barked at OH, at the bag at Remy for not moving and just in general to show his disapproval.

I got the old bed out of the cupboard and Benny sunk into it shut his eyes and snored. He is a fussy old sod.

So one bean bag beagle sized never used, never going to be used!

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