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New Campaign Launches To Give Britain’s Dogs Freedom to Move

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A recent survey of dog owners identified a worrying lack of understanding and awareness about the signs of age-related diseases in their dog, particularly arthritis.

The survey also identified that a high proportion of owners would not ask their vet if they saw their dog showing any of these easily treatable symptoms.

This survey highlights two main issues. Firstly, that dog-owners need to be taught how to recognise these symptoms, and secondly be made aware that treatment is available and owners simply need to ask for their vet’s advice.

Many owners think that their dogs aren’t moving as well as they used to simply because they are just getting older, however the shocking truth is that they may be allowing their cherished pets to suffer pain and discomfort from their joints, when they could be simply and effectively treated by their vet.

In order to highlight these issues and to give dog owners the important facts about canine arthritis, Merial Animal Health has launched the Freedom to Move Campaign.

In addition to extensive veterinary practice support, a major education led campaign under the heading of ‘Canine Mobility Month’ will run this October partnered with Total Pet Publishing to drive further awareness about the topic and to raise the awareness and understanding of joint mobility and osteoarthritis and promote the effective management of this disease.

The Freedom to Move campaign will encourage dog owners to visit where dog owners dog owners can find detailed information on topics such as symptoms, diet, exercise, preventative measures and treatment.

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