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Found a dog today!

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I was on my way to an appointment today when I saw an off-lead staffie strolling along the road. I slowed right down, expecting to see an owner appear round the corner, but she was on her own.

I pulled over, got out and approached her, and she was the sweetest, gentlest dog. She came up to me, had a good old sniff, gave a bit of a wag and just hung around. She was a beautifully marked white and brindle, a tad on the thin side, but very fit looking and well muscled. She seemed a bit subdued and was very dirty, and had no collar on.

I rang the council and while I was waiting to be put through to the dog warden, a builder type bloke pulled up in the ubiquitous white van and got out. I asked him if he had any rope on his van, and he said no, only flex – he was a sparks! I explained what I needed it for and we decided that that was better than nothing, cut me off a couple of metres of softest, most flexible stuff he had on him and fashioned a slip lead from it. He even made a loop for a handle!

By this time, the dog warden was on the line and I arranged for her to call at the house I was next visiting to pick up the dog.

We were near a parade of shops, so I walked along and asked if any of the shop keepers knew her, or if anyone had been looking for her. No-one had, but the guy in the off-licence got a packet of pork scratchings to bribe the dog into my car and came with me to make sure I got her in there ok! She hopped in just fine, was obviously used to cars, and I drove off to my appointment.

The lady I was visiting is a dog owner herself and used to be a groomer before she became unwell, so I explained why I was late and told her I had the stray in my car. She insisted I brought her in, gave her a bit of leftover casserole and some home-made parmesan and oatmeal treats, and wanted to give her a bath because she was so muddy. <G>

I couldn’t believe how well behaved this lovely bitch was. She was very respectful of the lady’s cavvy, ignored her cats, sat when asked, let us put a spare collar and lead on her, came when she was called and was an absolute delight. I was mentally cursing Lola for being so intolerant of other dogs, as I would happily have kept her.

The dog warden arrived and scanned her, but she was unchipped, so she took her off to wherever they take them. She rang me later this afternoon, to say the owner had reported her missing, she had escaped form the garden, and she was in tears with relief when she knew she was safe and sound.

After all the fuss and attention she had, not to mention treats, I reckon she’ll be trying to get out again! I was very touched by the way people were so willing to help.

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