Former Prime Minister Thatcher to Open Canine Parters Training Centre

Lady Thatcher will be opening the new Canine Partners training accommodation building on 2nd June 2009 at the National Training Centre in Heyshott, West Sussex.

The construction, with 6 fully accessible chalets, is the culmination of 3 years’ planning and work. It will enable the assistance dog charity, for the first time, to provide its own on-site training for applicants being partnered with highly trained dogs (canine partners).

The new buildings have replaced old loose boxes, of the original polo stables and will enable Canine Partners to run dedicated training for applicants on site. Since the system is now more efficient, it means that the charity anticipates an increase in the number of trained assistance dogs it can provide to people with disabilities, on top of the 120 active partnerships already in the community. The new chalets are state of the art and fully adapted, with en suite shower/bath room, built in hoists, alarm systems, etc.

“These marvellous new facilities are a welcome and much needed addition to the work of Canine Partners, says Lady Thatcher. “As a result, many more people with disabilities will receive a specially trained companion to help them overcome the difficulties of everyday life and I am delighted to be able to support everything that this wonderful charity does.”

Proceedings will begin at 11am and include the official opening, a tour of the facilities and a dog demonstration. If you would like to send a reporter or photographer, please contact me on the details below. Otherwise, we will be issuing a press release and photography after the event.

Source: – the K9 Magazine blog

Former Prime Minister Thatcher to Open Canine Parters Training Centre

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