Football Legend in Trouble With Welsh Council Over Dog Walking Advert

A community council in Wales has complained about a TV advert which shows England and world cup legend Sir Bobby Charlton walking a dog through a field.
The Actimel advert shows Sir Bobby Charlton walking a dog through a playing field where a group of children are playing football. The advert shows he can still score, despite his older age as he curls the ball into the goal.
BBC News reports that councillors at Y Ferwig, Cardigan in Ceredigion have said the advert encourages dog walkers to use areas designated for children and sports. Council clerk Brian Gooch said there was a growing problem with dog fouling.
The council have not requested the advert be banned, but hoped that awareness would be raised to ensure that dog owners are aware of the problems of dogs fouling in public areas. He said that people would be quick to complain if their child fell in […]

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