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Fit & Fun Campaign Launches To Help More Pets Live Happy, Healthy Lives

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Britain is known as a nation of pet lovers. It's something we can be proud to say, yet more than 18 million of Britain's pets are at risk of health scares due to poor diets and unhealthy lifestyles.

According to the Butcher's Healthy Happy Hound Report, 51% of dog owners admit to feeding their pets left overs and scraps, while 21% admit to feeding fatty snacks such as crisps or sugary sweets.

To help combat the problem K9 Magazine publishers, Total Pet Publishing, have teamed up with Butcher's Pet Care, the manufacturers of the more natural dog food brand Butcher’s, to bring you Fit & Fun Dog Month sponsored by Butcher's Lean & Tasty this November.

The campaign will deliver a host of features and advice from nutritional, training and behavioural experts, while helping to answer some of the most common queries dog owners have about their dog's diet. Those looking to get active outdoors will also be able to take inspiration from stories of the latest and greatest canine sports!

The campaign will also feature the stories of real life dogs who suffered from health problems, such as pollen allergies, to arthritis, to weight gain, where a change in diet has given a new lease of life.

Speaking about the launch, Clare Scallon from Butcher's Pet Care said: “We're pleased to team up with Total Pet Publishing to launch this exciting new campaign. Its our responsibility as pet owners, to make sure our dogs get a healthy, balanced diet. Butcher’s Lean & Tasty has all the meaty goodness they love but with 30% less fat and fewer calories, plus the range has added L-Carnitine and they are complete meals. Which means your dog will get everything they needs in one bowl to stay as fit, and as lean, as a Butcher’s dog.”

Fit & Fun Dog Month sponsored by Butcher's Lean & Tasty, will run across the Total Pet Publishing network and from the end of November dog lovers will be able to download a free eBook packed full of advice. Sign up today to make sure you don't miss out:

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